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Husband, why are you all over my dash? 

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urkababy: your picture makes me laugh.. LOL i love you tich(:

All the bitches love me. Trololol. <3 

I love you also darling. 

Anonymous: hey, whats your theme?

>-< I dunno, get your own. Lols. 

Just kidding, I really don’t know though. There’s no credit on the bottom, sorry. c: 





@ayeeyodestiny lol


Damn, the girl on the right! <3 

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i see my baby ♥

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Me: Shawn, look what I got. LOOK! *shows Starbucks.*
Shawn: Oh I see.. Aha.
Shawn: ....Your cheeks are puffy.
Me: .___. Why are you so mean to me?
Shawn: Ahahah they are!!
Me: I'll lose weight in my cheeks area then.
Shawn: Aha noo! I'd want puffy cheeks (=
Me: Wtf, you're a freak.
Shawn: You look like Maddi Jane.
Me: Dude, she's white.....


Bruno Mars ft. Philip Lawrence | Rest Of My Life

This will be my wedding song.

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